Delivery Information

The shipment arrives by courier to the address you specified when registering for the site or at the time of purchase.

The shipment will reach you up to 8 business days (business days are Sundays and Thursdays and do not include weekends, holidays and holiday eves.

At the booking stage, we recommend that you specify the shipping address you are available during the day. If you miss a call from the messenger, he will try to coordinate the shipment with you the next day. If you purchased the updated shipping address using the paypal according to the details updated in your Paypal account. We recommend that you review the order confirmation form by e-mail and see that all the details are correct and up to date - the mailing address and the mobile number to contact the courier. 

The cost of the shipment - when you buy over 150$ at the shipping site is at no additional cost - for a purchase price that is less than 150$ The shipping fee is 20$.