Natural Sea Beauty

The Brand

Natural Sea Beauty was acquired in 1997 by L'Oréal. In July 2010 it was acquired by Mediline. Today, the brand is manufactured by leading manufacturers in Israel and marketed by Mediline worldwide. Natural Sea Beauty is constantly developing new lines, both in Israel and worldwide, thanks to the growing number of satisfied retailers and consumers.

Unique Formula

Our excusive Mineral Complex Solution formula  combines natural ingredients from the Dead Sea with innovative technology to provide the skin with essential minerals for a healthy , youthful, and radiant look.

Our products provide a complete solution from head to toe for all skin types.


Dead Sea

Natural Sea Beauty is from the lowest place on earth - The Dead Sea - the richest and most ancient natural spa in the world. Water from the Dead Sea water is known for its powerful, therapeutic, beautifying and relaxing properties.

Water from the Dead Sea contains the highest concentration of skincare minerals, most of which do not exist anywhere else in the world. Cleopatra, the symbol of beauty and femininity, was known to bathe in The Dead Sea as part of her beauty routine. Since the dawn of history, Dead Sea minerals have been prized for their unique properties that contribute to healing and help to restore the skin’s natural balance. The minerals rehabilitate moisture levels, firm the  skin, and improve  elasticity


Mediline is a privately owned company that imports and promotes pharmaceuticals, Dermo-Cosmetics and para-medical products in Israel. Mediline was established in 1983, and has become one of the most dynamic companies in Israel's pharmaceutical industry. The company specializes in the exclusive import and marketing of medical pharmaceuticals, Dermo -cosmetic products and para-medical products from international brands, as well as the branding and marketing of private-label products.

Today Mediline employs approximately 70 people across two locations: the company's head office in Herzliya, and its logistical center based in Yokneam. The company also has sales and marketing representatives all over Israel.

Most of our company's products, both medications and other pharma products, are based on existing clinical data with proven impact, demonstrating added value to the treatment of various medical problems. Mediline also works closely with medical professionals - doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and paramedical personnel. Mediline has many years of experience in Direct-To-Consumer marketing of consumer products, Dermo-cosmetic products and over the counter medications (OTC).